Serv-U 是目前众多的FTP 服务器软件之一.通过使用Serv-U,用户能够将任何一台PC 设置成一个FTP 服务器, 这样,用户或其他使用者就能够使用FTP 协议,通过在同一网络上的任何一台PC与FTP 服务器连接,进行文件或目录的复制,移动,创建,和删除等.这里提到的FTP 协议是专门被用来规定计算机之间进行文件传输的标准和规则,正是因为有了象FTP 这样的专门协议,才使得人们能够通过不同类型的计算机,使用不同类型的操作系统,对不同类型的文件进行相互传递.

Changes in Serv-U, released March 23, 2010:
* Added Portuguese (Brazil) Web Client support.
* Updated Spanish strings.
* Added Spanish Management Console help translation.
* Added the ability to disable user accounts at the group level as well as at the user level.
* Added new static font properties to the Management Console and Web Client for better visual appearance.
* Added dynamic sizing in the Image Preview dialog for better visual appearance when using different screen resolutions.
* Changed Domain Administrators so that they can view information about themselves.
* Improved hover events for dialogs in the Management Console and Web Client to decrease CPU usage.
* Changed the log file lines when listening on “<< Any IP Address >>” so that the “” IP address is shown and all IP addresses are shown in parentheses.
* Added IPv6 addresses to the Serv-U Tray’s About dialog Network Information page.
* Changed the STOU (store unique) FTP command to accept and return full paths instead of using the current directory only. When a full path is not specified the current working directory is used. This is to remain consistent with Serv-U versions <= 6.4.
* Changed the STOU (store unique) FTP command 150 response to include the full path name of the new file. This is to remain consistent with Serv-U versions <= 6.4.
* Changed FTP PORT connections back to the client to be more forgiving. RFC 959 (section 3.2, paragraph 1; section 5.2, paragraph 2) requires the socket to bind to the command channel port -1 (L-1). However, in Windows, this may cause the socket error WSAEADDRINUSE (10048). When this specific error occurs on the data channel, Serv-U attempts to connect without binding to the command channel port -1 (L-1).
* Added an FTP LIST/NLST command option to list a specific file’s full path name as part of the listing when a specific file’s listing information is requested.
* Added a directory listing setting for server-side sorted listings using natural language comparison like Windows Explorer (i.e., FTP and SSH listings). This setting is available at the server, domain, user, and group levels. The default is enabled.
* Added an error message when attempting to use the tray application’s menu option to change the Windows service setting fails.
* Signed Serv-U.exe and Serv-U-Tray.exe so that Windows recognizes Rhino Software, Inc. as the publisher.
* Updated Microsoft DLLs to the latest release.
* Updated OpenSSL libraries from 0.9.8k to 0.9.8m.
* Updated zlib (compression) library from 1.2.3 to 1.2.4 and built with Developer Studio 2008.
* Updated the FTP Voyager JV code certificate, which now expires on March 10, 2013.
* Added a timestamp to the signing of FTP Voyager JV’s JAR files allowing the Java Runtime to validate FTP Voyager JV’s JAR files after their certificate’s expiration date.
* Changed the FTP Voyager JV “Save Login” dialog controls so they cannot be changed to reflect a different configuration other than the current login information.
* Changed the layout of the FTP Voyager JV “Save Login” and “Preferences” dialogs to a standard layout.
* Updated the FTP Voyager JV JIDE user interface library to version 2.7.7.
* Changed the User Collection Combo box to locale sort its contents upon loading of the user pages in the Management Console.
Bug Fixes:
* Corrected a bug where Serv-U could crash with a very large number of concurrent HTTP requests.
* Corrected a bug where Serv-U could crash when HTTP command and/or reply screen logging was enabled and the log tab was selected.
* Corrected a bug where it was possible to change the local administrator configuration by changing server settings, causing undesired results for tray application administration.
* Corrected a bug where requiring reverse DNS to login at the server level, would cause tray configuration to become unavailable.
* Corrected an Integration DLL bug where Serv-U would not recognize loaded group names.
* Corrected an internal file security check where it was possible for domain read-only administrators to gain access system level files. Other internal checks would have prevented access to unauthorized data. This was a very minor security bug which had no affect on Serv-U’s overall security.
* Corrected a security bug when importing users, restricted administrators could create user accounts outside their home directory.
* Corrected a security bug when exporting users, restricted administrators could see a user’s full path for home directory, virtual paths, and directory access rules.
* Corrected a security bug where a restricted domain administrator could create a user or group that was not locked in the user’s home directory.
* Corrected a bug where CIDR IP access rules were not being interpreted correctly for deny rules.
* Corrected a bug where Windows Users, granted administrative privileges, and didn’t have write permissions to Serv-U’s data directory, Serv-U was unable to save its configuration changes.
* Corrected an SSL shutdown bug where an open SSL socket was being closed while the server and client were performing an SSL shutdown exchange (SSL_shutdown()). This problem appeared when listing very large directories with certain FTP clients using GnuTLS.
* Corrected a bug where toggling FIPS 140-2 mode would not work. Restarting Serv-U would change to the desired FIPS mode.
* Corrected a licensing bug where sessions that were not logged in were being counted against the license.
* Corrected an FTP bug where Serv-U was not returning an error response to LIST, MLSD, RETR, THMB, STOU, or STOR when a data channel had not been specified with either the PORT or PASV command.
* Corrected an FTP LIST/NLST switch processing bug when specifying a directory format (-h:DOS, -h:IIS, -h:UNIX) any following path names would be ignored.
* Corrected a logging bug where system administrators were being identified as domain administrators.
* Corrected a database problem when using PostgreSQL and adding columns to tables. PostgreSQL’s syntax for adding multiple columns to a table is different than other SQL servers requiring the “ADD COMMAND” text before each new column name.
* Corrected a bug where the “FileTransferStats_BytesUploaded”, “FileTransferStats_BytesDownloaded”, “FileTransferStats_FilesUploaded”, and “FileTransferStats_FilesDownloaded” columns were not being written to the database with the other runtime statistics for database users. File transfer statistics were being cleared when viewing database user statistics after the last session for a user logged out. This bug was introduced in
* Corrected a bug when deleting a database group, user membership in that group was not being deleted.
* Corrected several minor database user and group bugs.
* Corrected a bug where the user added and deleted events were not being fired for administrator users with these events.
* Corrected a tray application service installation / removal problem from the when UAC was enabled, Serv-U was unable to switch from being started as a service to stand-alone and stand-alone to a service.
* Corrected two string formatting errors in the Spanish translation.
* Corrected one string formatting error in the Swedish translation.
* Corrected a Web Client bug where the browse button on the upload dialog was partially hidden when using Firefox on Linux Fedora.
* Corrected a Web Client bug where the background for the Image scroll buttons in the Image Preview dialog were not transparent in Internet Explorer 6.
* Corrected a Management Console and Web Client bug where dialogs would be placed too high when the page was scrolled down.
* Corrected a Management Console bug where clicking repeatedly on the “Add” button in the users’ page then pressing the “Cancel” button in the user dialog would cause a script error in Internet Explorer.
* Corrected a Management Console bug where combobox lists would pop-up at the wrong position on the page when using a Google Chrome or Safari browser.
* Corrected a Management Console bug where the “Member of Groups” list, in the user properties dialog, was not showing all groups when the list reached a certain size.
* Corrected a Management Console bug where combobox lists could become too large and span past the viewable display area with no scrolling available.
* Corrected an FTP Voyager JV bug where the “Login” dialog would fail to launch if an error occurred during an automatic login operation.
* Corrected an FTP Voyager JV bug where the “Save Login” dialog “Is Secure” check box was not checked when connected securely.
* Corrected an FTP Voyager JV bug where a file or folder name would not revert back to the original file name if a rename operation failed.
* Corrected an FTP Voyager JV bug where the status bar was not showing the correct file path for certain local directories (e.g., Desktop, Computer).
* Corrected an FTP Voyager JV bug where the “Select All” and “Invert Selection” operations were causing the focus to move away from the file list.